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Interactive birthday gift, Pt. 2

I spent Sunday evening hacking together this prototype of the circuit that will run in the stuffed animal birthday gift I talked about in my previous post. (Or perhaps some kind of birthday eCard, which might be a little easier. My sewing skills are even more amateurish than my electronics & programming abilities.) Here it is, activated by a pushbutton in the prototype:

I’ll post the schematic and code soon.

Urdu health pamphlet

Want to learn about blood groups? Start here. (Then move on to something more substantial.)

Plenty of strange book art over @ 50 Watts. I love the Iranian children’s books.

Interactive birthday gift, Pt. 1

My niece’s second birthday is coming up and I wanted to try to make something interesting for her. Over the past year or so, I’ve been playing with an Arduino kit I bought from Adafruit Industries but haven’t really made anything unique yet. After seeing this cool little kit for sale at Sparkfun Electronics, I thought, why not try to expand on that idea, add a LilyPad Arduino and a speaker to the project, and modify a stuffed animal to make it do something? (Continued)

Glass Gem Corn

Check out this surreal-looking corn variety from Oklahoma!

What century do we actually live in?

This article is a great analysis of what we think the future is, how we arrive, and how we deal with it.

“…imagine having a conversation over time-phone with someone living in 3000 BC. Assume there’s a Babel fish in the link. Which of these concepts do you think would be easier to get across? (Continued)