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Two new brews and another cheese

My roommate has been in Africa for the past few weeks, so I took the opportunity to blow up the kitchen several times while she was gone.

First, a saison/farmhouse-style beer that didn’t go exactly as planned (low mash efficiency) but tastes delicious anyway.

Second, a remake of the delicious ginger-spiced pale ale

Two-Brew American Coffee Mild

I woke up this morning, rather late after a long night in the lab, and decided I wanted to make a beer today. As I sat in front of my computer, drinking some coffee and contemplating all of the delicious possibilities, I thought, “Ah! Coffee… Something I haven’t used in a beer for a long while. How could I incorporate coffee or coffee flavors into a beer, but do something…

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In honor of our friends: Paul & Natalie’s Wedlock Wheat

My friend and assistant brewmaster Nate and I put together a beer to be drunk during the week before the Gebheim-Thiel wedding this August. Paul simply requested something refreshing and relatively low in alcohol for the summer. So, in honor of the Gebheim name, we used a combination of American and German ingredients to make a clean, crisp wheat beer featuring sweet honey, spicy rye, and earthy, herbal, and minty…

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Small-scale Malting

Another great thing going on in the craft brewing industry: small-scale malting of local grains. (Article fromĀ NYTimes)…

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