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Two new brews and another cheese

My roommate has been in Africa for the past few weeks, so I took the opportunity to blow up the kitchen several times while she was gone.

First, a saison/farmhouse-style beer that didn’t go exactly as planned (low mash efficiency) but tastes delicious anyway.

Second, a remake of the delicious ginger-spiced pale ale Nate & I made about a year ago. This time, I went all grain and changed a few recipe details. This beer is one that I am going to try to get down really well. I usually just try something new every time I brew, but I’m going to start working on two or three beers that I can consistently produce.

Both beers are currently aging and will be bottled/kegged in a couple weeks.

Lastly, another cheese very similar to one I made a few months ago. For whatever reason, this one turned out moister than the previous one, even though it was pressed for several days longer. It’ll sit to dry for another few days, and then I’ll wax it. I’m planning on letting this one age several months to see how it turns out — I was really impatient and only let the last one age for 6 weeks before beginning to eat it…

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