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Two-Brew American Coffee Mild

I woke up this morning, rather late after a long night in the lab, and decided I wanted to make a beer today. As I sat in front of my computer, drinking some coffee and contemplating all of the delicious possibilities, I thought, “Ah! Coffee… Something I haven’t used in a beer for a long while. How could I incorporate coffee or coffee flavors into a beer, but do something other than a porter or stout? Maybe a brown ale or a mild would go well with coffee flavors…”

I decided to go with a mild, an English session style known for low bitterness and lack of hop flavors and aromas, but often with malty, toasty, and somewhat sweet flavors. I designed an all-grain recipe, and instead of doing a traditional British mild, I went with American ingredients. I found an American ale yeast that will help enhance the beer’s malt profile and leave some residual sweetness behind. For the coffee, I’m going to do a cold extract and add it at kegging time. It’ll be enough that the beer will get some coffee flavor and aroma, but not too much for my relatively small beer. Not sure what kind of coffee I’ll use yet — probably a lighter roast, something fruity and mellow.

Check out the recipe for “Two-Brew American Coffee Mild” (two brews — beer and coffee — get it?) on Hopville.

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