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Cheese #2: Monterey Jack-style

After my previous cheesemaking attempt with Paul, which was successful for a first try but pretty obviously not quite right, I decided to make another last weekend. Since I was using pasteurized milk, this time I used CaCl2, which helped the the milk gel better and gave a clean break. I made a small batch to test things out and it turned out nicely. Here’s the recipe I used, modified from the Monterey Jack recipe in Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll:

-1 gallon skim milk (pasteurized & homogenized)

-1 pint heavy cream

-1/4 tsp CaCl2, diluted in a few ounces of water

-1 packet C201 thermophilic starter from New England Cheesemaking Supply Co.

-Malaka brand liquid rennet, diluted in a few ounces of water

-1 Tbsp sea salt

Heat milk and cream to ~95F. Add starter and ripen for 30m.

Add diluted CaCl2 and gently stir. Add diluted liquid rennet and gently stir. Let sit for 45m.

Check for clean break, then cut curds into 1/2- to 1/4-inch cubes. Let sit for 40m.

Heat curds to 105F, gently increasing temperature over a half hour and gently stirring throughout the heating process.

Keep curds within a few degrees of 105F, gently heating when necessary and occasionally stirring, for 30m. Let curds settle for the last 5m.

Gently pour off whey until the curds are just covered. Keep curds around 105F like in the previous step for 30m.

Drain whey off of curds using a cloth-lined colander. Mix in salt.

Press curds with cheese press in cloth-lined mold, increasing pressure and turning curds every couple hours for the next 12h for an even pressing. Then, press for 12h, undress and redress, and press for another 12h.

Rub more sea salt on cheese surfaces. Air dry cheese, wrapped in cloth, for 3 to 4 days, turning cheese every 12h for even drying. Wax cheese and age for several months at 60F.

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